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deimonian - multimedia designer, gamer and self proclaimed genius

my name is deimonian, i'm half Filipinx and currently surviving in the kingdom of Denmark, with my video games, my drawing tablet and dried mango. i like to make illustrations, comics, cute things, ugly things, manuscripts which get turned into comics and silly jokes. and i rarely capitalize, i'm very sorry.

in real life picture of deimonian
really pale here because i
apparently have some
vitamin D deficiency.

i'm an educated multimedia designer who graduated in 2011. originally, i took said education because at a educational exhibition, i had a sudden epiphany at a booth; i like to make pretty things. i've always liked that. i have drawn things in attempt to make pretty things since as long as i can remember. the multimedia designer booth was a shining light of hopes and dreams and everything else at the exhibition paled in comparison. so off i went and did the thing and graduated and it was great. however, i came to realize that what i liked about multimedia, there wasn't enough of that. i went back to making silly short comics like i did in ye olden days of my educational journey.

now, i want to make all the comics i've had in my head for more than 10 years, rewrite the bad, make the good better, make more short comics and eventually make longer ones that i've planned for a long time but never had the courage to do because i am terrified of mild success/horrible failure.

right now i'm a pretty average artist but i feel confident enough about my ability to make comics to call myself a baby-cartoonist sort of person, who strive to get better. i also strive for diversity and acceptance (along with social topics) in my longer comics that i will be doing when i run out of short comics/when i stop being terrified of actually somehow succeeding/failing miserably forever... i have anxiety! :D