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deimonian - multimedia designer, gamer and self proclaimed genius
Random Volitations comicstrip
[weekly every wednesday]

Random Volitations is a comic about a bunch of little characters with giant heads in different situations with varying humour and thoughtful content inspired by everyday life and sometimes completely made up scenarios.

dfg; - an autobiographical comic of sorts
[updates twice a week]

dfg; (dee eff gee semicolon) is a sort of autobiographical comic that i'm doing now, because reasons. i'll make a proper header art at some point, i guess :P
fair warning, some of the comics might be in danish, because i want to make puns, there'll be a transcript in english of course.

Duke of Spades mini comic

Duke of Spades is a short horror comic i made for Halloween 2013 based on a weird dream i had once. i made this in three days! :D