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Random Volitations

i did in fact not forget to upload today's RV comic strip because i was busy fucking about with my tumblr theme!
Random Volitations 97 - STOP!

Project NYR'13

Project NYR'13 is done! a whole year of trying not to suck has been completed and you can view it on my deviantArt page!
go to NYR'13 gallery on deviantArt

Duke of Spades

short horror/unsettling/maybe not really mini comic i drew for halloween in 2013, based on a dream i had once. it's weird and is not very good but hey, i drew it in three days.
read Duke of Spades

nevermind this thing!

Google+ just testing a thing here, pay no attention to the person behind the curtain!


Random Volitations: W. weekly
Project NYR'13: COMPLETE
Duke of Spades: COMPLETE