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updates and news update 21-01-2016

i have gotten some strange pains and numbing (???) in my drawing arm, so i'm suspending RV and any other projects until i figure out what is going on with my arm. maybe excessive computer use through out my life has caught up with me :P

dfg-semicolon dfg;

dfg; has updated yet again! ok, it's like the second time, since starting, i made it sound like it's been going on for years.
dfg; - me on the weather

Random Volitations Random Volitations

new RV!
Random Volitations 116 - Gifts

mini horror comic Duke of Spades Duke of Spades

short horror/unsettling/maybe not really mini comic i drew for halloween in 2013, based on a dream i had once. it's weird and is not very good but hey, i drew it in three days.
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