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got annoyed of the old html4 website, so i made a brand new one, in hand and from scratch, (because i'm stubborn). optimised for Google Chrome and 1080p displays, sorry if that doesn't work for you D; i suggest zooming (Ctrl + scrollwheel on mouse) to fix overlapping for now. there's still a few things to iron out. also! introducing my own character attribute randomizer!

dfg-semicolon dfg;

dfg; (dee eff gee semicolon), my sort of autobiography comic thing i want to do, is a thing right now! woo!
dfg; - the effects copy/pasting for five hours

Random Volitations Random Volitations

arbitrary number celebration! 100 comic strips of random crap and/or not so crap! thanks for reading to you two or three people who reads this, haha.
Random Volitations 100 - Arbitrary number celebration!

mini horror comic Duke of Spades Duke of Spades

short horror/unsettling/maybe not really mini comic i drew for halloween in 2013, based on a dream i had once. it's weird and is not very good but hey, i drew it in three days.
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